Come Experience the Wonder

If you've received a link to this page, it's because we would be delighted to have you visit us this year in Mansfield, Connecticut. Look at all the experiences you could have!

Local world-class puppetry museum.

During the summer there's always a fair going.

Rivers flow sedately through the multiple parks with marked trails for natureful walking.

The friendly horse that lives in the meadow behind our house.

Flea market goods.

More flea market goods. The flea market covers several acres.


More puppets. The Ballard Puppetry Museum was founded by legendary puppetry teacher Bill Ballard.

An encounter in our backyard.

Do you like flea markets? There is a massive local one on sunday mornings that will blow your mind.

One of the endless local antique stores.

Our backyard.

Another area of the yard. Our property covers three acres.

Fair food.

The house.

Here are some more images of Mansfield:

Mansfield is located in the Northeastern area of Connecticut rebranded as "The Last Green Valley." It is accessible by car or bus. 

The Wikipedia page on Mansfield is here.