A pilot for Adult Swim based on my first book, written by myself with Rich Blomquist and Scott Jacobson, who also produced.  Live action sequences featured Dan Bakkedahl, Kristin Schaal, David Rakoff, and puppets of Snake and Bacon designed by Tim Lagasse. Voice actors on the animated segments included Peter Serafinowicz, Bill Hader, Brian Stack and James Urbaniak. The pilot was previewed on the Verizon "V-Cast" network. Click here to go to the Adult Swim page.


TV Funhouse

I helped produce two animated segments based on my comics for this half-hour show, which was created for Comedy Central by Robert Smigel and Dino Stamatopolous. Animation was by Wachtenheim/Marianetti. "Picasso: His Amazing Life" can be seen here: "Captain Marginal" can be seen here; and the DVDs of TV Funhouse are for sale here.


Saturday Night Live

I co-wrote and drew a segment of the animated "TV Funhouse" segment entitled "The Legend of Big-Boobed Einstein,"  co-written and produced by Robert Smigel and animated by Wachtenheim/Marianetti. It was featured on a 2007 episode with Molly Shannon hosting (season 32, episode 19), which is viewable on Netflix Online.


Videos with Julie Klausner

Julie and I made four videos together. "NYC Tourist Beat," is a satire on infotainment and can be seen here. Continuing the theme, Julie and I made three videos under the title "What's What" for Adult Swim's Superdeluxe: "Holes," which can be seen here; "Garbage," which can be seen here; and "Fear," which can be seen here.


The Peter Serafinowicz Show

I wrote material for the BBC2 series starring Peter Serafinowicz.  See some sketches here and here.